Nikki’s Minecraft Server

This document last updated September 9 2017


This document will help you get started installing the unique Frankenstein of Minecraft mods that Nikki (Hereafter referred to as 'Nikki') has assembled into a server, and get you connected so you can void hours of your precious life energy with it.

Optional Installation Muzak


Oh HO. Little Miss/Mister/Non-Binary Honorific Fancy Pants wants to learn how to install the Java Monster, huh? Sit your ass down, here we go.

1. Download the App. I know this makes little sense, but trust me.
Installation Screenshot 01

What does this have to do with Minecraft

2. Install the Twitch App.
Installation Screenshot 02


3. Run the Twitch App. You will need a Twitch account to login. I promise this is actually leading to Minecraft, stay with me.
Installation Screenshot 03

Blah blah blah Twitch blah blah

4. In the upper title bar of the app, click Mods.
Installation Screenshot 04

Do not click Rockers or they will get in a fight

5. Click Minecraft.
Installation Screenshot 05

Oh there it is

6. Click Browse All Modpacks.
Installation Screenshot 06


7. Scroll or use the search bar to find FTB Infinity Evolved and tell it to Install.
Installation Screenshot 07

I am a washing machine do what I say

8. Click My Modpacks and run the instance of FTB Infinity Evolved you just installed. A Minecraft Launcher window will appear, with a big green Play button at the bottom. Click it; you know you want to.
Installation Screenshot 08

So big and so green MUST CLICK

9. This will cause FTB to assemble itself and download a hoard of required files from shadowy unknown servers based in god-knows-where. Don’t worry, I know these guys, they’re cool. This will take approximately Ass minutes to complete so just be patient with it. Have a smoke.
Installation Screenshot 09

This is Hell isn’t it. I am in Hell now.

10. Once it’s finished and you’re at the FTB main menu, you can close the game. Wasn’t that fun? Minecraft!
Installation Screenshot 10


11. Go back to the Twitch App, My Modpacks, and right-click FTB Infinity Evolved. Select ‘Open Folder’ from the right-click menu.
Installation Screenshot 11

Reveal your secrets to me

12. Download the following .zip file at this location: It contains 7 jar files, which are additional mods we are going to add to our FTB Infinity Evolved instance.
Installation Screenshot 12

Seems legit

13. Unzip the .zip file and put its contents in the ‘mods’ folder of your instance. You can close the folder window now if you like things neat. Cool! That’s it for the installation process.
Installation Screenshot 13

Thank sweet merciful god

Connecing To The Server

This is the relatively easy part.

1. Back in the Twitch App, launch the FTB instance once more. Click the big green Play button again, and watch that sucker crunch progress bars for another twenty minutes. Don’t you love this game? I hear there’s a pickaxe in it or something.
Connection Screenshot 01

I am going insane. I can feel it. My mind is going. This is where I live now.

2. Click Multiplayer.
Connection Screenshot 02

On the other side I find the Me I knew is gone. Lost to progress bar purgatory.

3. Click Add Server.
Connection Screenshot 03

Sure I can play now. But AT WHAT COST?

4. In Server Name, type a clever insult about me, having a butt or something really mature like that.
Connection Screenshot 04

Heheh... heh. Check it out. Hehehe.

5. In Server Address, type or paste and click Done.
Connection Screenshot 05

You cannot write a butt joke here or it will not work

6. Click Join Server and you should be good to go!
Connection Screenshot 06

If this game isn’t a literal deluge of progress bars I am going to strangle somebody THEY ARE IN MY BLOOD NOW

You are done!

Hey nice, you did it! Log in and have some fun! If for any reason something did not work,talk to Nikki or Eris. You know where to find us.